• Face-to-face seminar (2 days)

Explaining the consequences of mergers and acquisitions, closures or the relocation of sites to employees remains one of the greatest challenge to businesspeople, heads of personnel, heads of department and other executives. Some staff will be made redundant or will have to change jobs. This is often inevitable, but it touches the very core of an employee’s life.

Line managers have to prepare carefully for this type of events, and to know how to show appreciative leadership in personnel meetings about termination or changes of contracts. The way a company terminates employees and communicates changes is indicative of its corporate culture.

Learn how to professionally prepare a termination or change meeting in a two day seminar.

How should you structure it?

Which obstacles or particular aspects do you need to prepare for?

How can you accept and positively deal with your co-worker’s (and your own) reactions and emotions?

You will reflect upon your own way of dealing with the topics of severance and learn about the requirements of a fair termination or change meeting together with other participants, to help you deal with the situation properly.

  • Communicate in a competent and appropriate way
  • Develop individual concepts for such meetings

Seminar leader: Mathias Claus

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