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Since 2015, ClausCommuniCations & Consulting GmbH and its team of experienced employees have been advising members of the board, executives, spokespeople and communicators of global and local companies and preparing strategies and concepts for dealing with alleged or actual crises or critical events. We support customers in setting up effective and efficient communication structures and we assist our customers before, during and after a crisis.


Managing Director Mathias Claus

In the course of more than 30 years’ experience in international companies, Mathias Claus has averted or managed crises and carried out analyses of critical situations, and he has optimized incident management for various clients.

He has been involved in solving a broad spectrum of crises like abduction, extortion, product recalls, plant closures, relocation or re-organisation, strikes, takeovers, measures initiated by the authorities, and corruption.

Today, his clients profit from his wealth of experience in managing crises and critical events.


Peter Dollé

Peter Dollé has worked for some of the most influential TV news channels in the USA, Great Britain and Germany. As a news reporter he has produced hundreds of live reports and news features on current events in several European countries.

Peter Dollé has worked with CNBC, PBS-TV (European Journal), The USA Network (First Business), Public Radio International (Marketplace News) and INSEAD Knowledge Business News as a correspondent. Until 2010 he hosted the TV Business Program for Deutsche Welle TV in Berlin. He has also produced TV documentaries for CBC-Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Dutch-TV and for the German news channels n-tv and RTL.

Peter is currently producing a series of TV documentaries on Berlin.


Matthias Hanselmann

Matthias Hanselmann has been working with several radio stations as a reporter (SFB, rbb, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Radio Bremen) and host since 1981 and provides several radio formats with his features as a freelance journalist.

He hosts talk formats, reports (both live and recorded) about national political, social and cultural events, writes and produces for satirical programs as well as for musical magazine programs.


Misha Beder

About the pictures on this webseite

Misha Beder, born 8 July, 1958 in former Kalinin (Twer), Russia.

The son of a chemist and an engineer Misha studied chemical technology in the Soviet Union and has also worked in a research institute in Kalinin.

In 1991 he moved with his family to Berlin where he trained as a programmer and in 2009 started studying photography. Portraits of people, contrasts in cities and colourful still life are his themes. He seeks out and documents everyday perspectives of life in Berlin as well as on his travels to India, Vietnam, Cuba and Morocco. Spending hardly a day without a camera his pictures are always declarations of love to the simple moments. His photography invites every viewer to think whether they have perhaps seen the image before but do not remember exactly where.

Misha Beder captures the moment, removes it from the context and gives it a whole new value. A selection of his photographs is available at ClausCommuniCations.


Operational support for corporate communications
as well as for crisis, event and change management.


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