ClausCommuniCations consults board members, executives and communicators within global and local companies and organisations on how to deal with crises or critical events and prepares strategies and concepts. We advise our clients before, during and after critical events.


CEO Mathias Claus

Mathias Claus holds a master’s degree in communication and has worked as a journalist for many years. He can look back on more than 30 years of experience with the various ways of dealing with and solving crises and critical events in large and small organisations.

For more than 18 years of this, he was in charge of worldwide crisis communication and crisis management of Schering AG as a corporate spokesperson. After a kidnapping incident, he was the corporate security manager in charge of launching the new worldwide corporate crisis and issue management.

As an executive for Bayer AG, he developed strategic concepts to deal with critical events and implemented a global issue management.


Peter Dollé

Peter Dollé has worked for several important TV news channels in the US, the UK and Germany. As a news reporter, he produced live coverages, cuttings and news features on current topics and reported from many European countries.

Peter Dollé worked for CNBC, PBS-TV (European Journal), The USA Network (First Business), Public Radio International (Marketplace News) and INSEAD Knowledge Business News as a correspondent.

Until 2010, he was anchor of the TV business programme for Deutsche Welle TV in Berlin. He produced TV documentaries for CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Dutch TV and the German TV channels n-tv and RTL.

Currently, Peter is producing a number of TV documentaries about Berlin.


Matthias Hanselmann

Matthias Hanselmann has been working as a reporter and an anchor with several radio stations (SFB, rbb, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Radio Bremen) since 1981 and covers several radio formats with his features.

He hosts talk programmes, reports national political, social and cultural events – live and recorded – and produces features for satirical formats and music programmes.


Misha Beder

Several images on our website

Misha Beder, born in former Kalinin (now Twer), Russia, on 8th July 1958.

Son of a chemist and an engineer, Misha Beder studied chemical technology in the Soviet Union and worked in a Kalinin research institute until he emigrated to Berlin with his wife and child in 1991.

In Berlin, he re-trained as a programmer and started working in photography in 2009. Portraits of people, contrasts in cities, and still lifes are his genres. He seeks everyday perspectives and documents them in his daily life in Berlin as well as on his travels to India, Vietnam, Cuba and Morocco. He hardly passes a day without his camera.

His pictures always show his love for the simple moment, and every spectator remembers having seen this somewhere – just not where exactly.

Misha Beder catches the moment, takes it out of context and gives it a new meaning. You can see a selection of his photographs on the ClausCommuniCations website.


Dietmar Eckell

Several images on our website

Photographer Dietmar Eckell used to work as a consumer goods marketing executive before he decided to drop out to research deserted places and take arresting photographs there.

So now he portraits crashed or crash-landed aircraft. As if by miracle, all passengers survived the crash and were saved. The ‘happy ending’, the crisis as a fresh start. His picture series “Happy end” tells about bad situations that could have turned out much worse. Many of the crashed planes are almost symbiotically absorbed by nature.

Deserted objects in the nowhere: plane wrecks, decommissioned railway lines, olympic sites in disrepair, and remnants of the cold war – all that remains are stories, memories and the beauty of their decay. Dietmar Eckell brings these places back to life once more before they lose their fight against nature and leave behind arresting pictures.
Dietmar Eckell has conserved them for the observer.

More about Dietmar Eckell:


Clara Claus

Several images on our website

All graphics of the website are originals by French multi-disciplinary artist Clara Claus who lives and works in Paris and Banjuls. She studied at Ecole Duperré (Paris) and at Cooper Union (New York).

She has presented her drawings, collages and sculptures in individual exhibitions and large and small performances in Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Barcelona, and has an international audience.

She has worked with musician Bryce Dessner (The National), singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens and musician Joakim and film-makers Margarita Jimino and Derrick Belcham with whom she created graphical partitures and live performances.

With varying techniques, she seeks to explore the different aspects of her creative impulse and to learn more about them. This creates drawings, performances or videos. Clara Claus tries to explore the invisible or the mystical. In her creative work, she is in search of rites created to compensate for physical presence and of the energy used to remember and to keep life flowing. The processes of creating art like painting help her grasp what immaterial and invisible subjects “look like”.

All works presented on the website can be purchased from the artist directly.



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