ClausCommuniCations help their clients to anticipate possible critical events, draw scenarios for dealing with them, and create awareness in the organisation to deal with unexpected events in an open, transparent and emphatic way – long before they actually materialize.


CEO Mathias Claus

ClausCommuniCations Consulting GmbH is an owner-managed consulting company that specialises in crisis management and crisis communication and stands for pro-active, transparent and dialogue-oriented public relations work.

We comprehend our mission as mediation between our clients and an environment where organisations, authorities and businesses interact and follow their missions. ClausCommuniCations advise their clients with the objective of creating, maintaining and enhancing a climate of trust and understanding between the clients and their environment by active communication.

We put our emphasis on dialogue as the most effective and dynamic form of communication – a dialogue with groups of society even if and especially where interests diverge.

When a company attracts criticism through its actions or its products, ClausCommuniCations will analyse the situation above and beyond legal matters. How transparent is the company’s internal and external communication, and is the management prepared to question their own actions?

Transparency is the most important strategic principle. Everyone should be aware that active and open communication is imperative – both with those concerned directly and with the public. This applies to organisations and companies, to executives as well as to products or events that may give rise to criticism. It applies to accidents and incidents, to critical events and whenever classic or digital media, neighbours and the public may ask critical questions and demand answers.

ClausCommuniCations supports its clients in anticipating potential critical events and in developing scenarios to deal with these events. Long before any incident occurs, we help promote awareness that unexpected incidents need to be handled in an open, transparent and empathic manner.

Communication is interrelated with the needs and rules in our society, Democratic and pluralistic societies are based on communication and the exchange of ideas and opinions. This is promoted and supported by the media – both ‘classical’ and digital – who see themselves as partners and mediators in communication.

ClausCommuniCations acts as mediator between the interests of their clients and those of the public and media. It is not necessary to answer every question, but we cannot put limits on questions, and our answers must be well-founded.

In its role as mediator, ClausCommuniCations takes into account the societal environment as well as the flow of information within the client’s organization and within the media. This ensures that we stay abreast of the rapid structural changes we see in communications.

Protecting humans, nature and the environment had become increasingly important in our value system. We now know that natural resources are finite and that unchecked use or abuse of ecological resources will destroy the foundations of human livelihood. Preservation of nature is not only a goal for ethical activity but a moral imperative for all of us.

ClausCommuniCations is convinced that acceptance and appreciation for organisations and companies depends on including the societal environment in all important plans and developments. This needs to be achieved proactively and comprehensively and requires an open information policy. We must trust in responsible citizens and accept the media as our partners in relaying information.


Operational support for corporate communications
as well as for crisis, event and change management.


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