ClausCommuniCations consults board members, executives and communicators within global and local companies and organisations on how to deal with crises or critical events and prepares strategies and concepts. We advise our clients before, during and after critical events.

Mathias Claus can look back on more than 30 years of experience with various ways of dealing with and solving crises and critical events in large and small organisations. He gathered this experience as a press spokesperson and as corporate security manager in staff functions for multinational corporations.

His assignments went from strategic concepts for Schering AG and Bayer AG to dealing with critical events and implementing global crisis and issue management programmes.

Whenever we embark on a new client assignment, we take a close look at the existing corporate risk culture we can observe within the client’s organisation. Has the company got a communication culture and an organisation structure in place that allows it to deal with critical events in a productive way?

How do the company, its executives and top management usually deal with risk, and can we derive patterns or even develop processes how to decide and act in case of a crisis?

Our Team


In case of a critical event, a team with creativity, experience and a good deal of pragmatism will join forces with you and help you find the right solutions and help you execute them professionally. zur Seite um sachgerechte Lösungen bestens in die Tat umzusetzen.

Our values


Our attitudes and values define our actions for our clients. We offer orientation and support when your company has to deal with critical events.

Since 2015, ClausCommuniCations GmbH and its team of experienced professionals have been consulting executives, managers and communications staff within global and local companies. We prepare strategies and concepts to deal with potential or real crises or critical events. We support our customers in building effective and efficient communications structures and remain in contact with our clients before, during and after critical incidents.


Operational support for corporate communications
as well as for crisis, event and change management.


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