Change processes in companies pose enormous challenges to both the company’s board of directors and the executives in charge of communications and HR. When distrust and scepticism are at their peak in a company, clear messages and fair, frank communication is essential. Target oriented and multi-sensory communications are key to successful change management. We provide strategies and concepts for final implemnetation.


Who needs to be informed, who should be informed, and who can be informed if my company is hit by a crisis? Who needs, who should and who can inform me in case of imminent danger and when my company is under public scrutiny? We assess if your information and reporting channels inside the company and out of the company are adequate and functional. We find out if and where these need to be adapted.


Successful Changes can be achieved by creating new synergies or by optimizing certain processes. However, the way changes are communicated, both inside and outside the company, may make all the difference. This requires an established communications plan based on an integrated and holistic communication concept. We will take care of this.


Even the best corporate strategy can only work if all employees understand and endorse its very purpose. Above all, employees need to be convinced and prepared to execute the new strategy. No strategy implementation can work without supplementary measures like management, information and incentive systems, and the adaptation of organisation and processes. We will advise and support you in implementing your new strategy.


Change Processes require pro-active communications by management; problems need to be addressed openly without glossing over negative aspects. All staff members need to understand and to accept the reasoning and explanations of business decisions. A fair procedure requires appreciation and recognition especially of those employees affected by the intended change. Therefore, detailed planning of communications is crucial to the success of any restructuring effort. Communication should be face-to-face wherever this is possible. Feedback from the entire staff is crucial; this should be taken seriously and considered by management. Wherever necessary, the communications and change process must be optimized after this feedback. We will help you with this.


ClausCommuniCations regularly operates in these industries:
Automotive | Public administration | Dioceses | Chemical | Energy | Entertainment | Health Care | Municipalities | Ministries | NGOs | Pharmaceuticals | Tourism | Industrial Boards | Residential Construction

Since 2015, ClausCommuniCations GmbH and its team of experienced professionals have been consulting executives, managers and communications staff within global and local companies. We prepare strategies and concepts to deal with potential or real crises or critical events. We support our customers in building effective and efficient communications structures and remain in contact with our clients before, during and after critical incidents.


Operational support for corporate communications
as well as for crisis, event and change management.


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