Crises cannot always be prevented – usually, however, they are foreseeable. We conduct an analysis of your company to assess if your present structures are fit to handle critical incidents quickly and effectively. Whatever the result, we support you before, during and after a crisis.


Most crises are easy to foresee and to manage. Real difficulties will however arise if the public suddenly notices a problem, asks questions and expects convincing answers – possibly before the company itself is aware of the trouble. To avoid lasting damage to your business, your company needs structures to help anticipate major problems: production faults, undesirable product features, call-backs, data leaks, reorganisations, misconduct of individual executives etc. We support and advise you and prepare your company to quickly and professionally initiate the first and subsequent steps in a sudden incident.


„We didn’t see that coming”, you may think – but our team will be with you without delay and help bring things into perspective. We know what needs to be done, help you organise your crisis and incident management and – if needed – support you until the crisis has been resolved.


Knowing what to do in case of an incident, who has to be consulted with or informed, having check lists, templates and stand-by statements at hand to be in control and to communicate from the beginning… That is the purpose of the crisis handbook we provide. It’s not a generic document but tailored to your company to ensure understanding and a good match with your needs. To prepare for smooth operation in a crisis, we train and rehearse all procedures in quiet times but with very realistic scenarios.


Who speaks on behalf of the company after accidents, incidents or critical events? What do you say at which moment if media, neighbours or the greater public ask questions? Can I prepare myself or my organisation for this? You can and actually need to prepare for this! We anticipate potential incidents and work out realistic scenarios for your company. In announced or surprise exercises held in various locations within the company or in meeting rooms, we observe and evaluate how your company and the persons involved deal with a crisis. And in the ensuing analyses and talks, we take a close look at what worked well and where there is room for improvement – so you can be sure things will work in real life.


ClausCommuniCations regularly operates in these industries:
Automotive | Public administration | Dioceses | Chemical | Energy | Entertainment | Health Care | Municipalities | Ministries | NGOs | Pharmaceuticals | Tourism | Industrial Boards | Residential Construction

Since 2015, ClausCommuniCations GmbH and its team of experienced professionals have been consulting executives, managers and communications staff within global and local companies. We prepare strategies and concepts to deal with potential or real crises or critical events. We support our customers in building effective and efficient communications structures and remain in contact with our clients before, during and after critical incidents.


Operational support for corporate communications
as well as for crisis, event and change management.


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