Embrace your public statement as an opportunity! Whoever wants to be heard and understood in conflicts or crises, whoever wants to convince and explain his actions, needs to know their target groups and the rhetorical skills of their counterparts. We help you master the topic and practice your statement.


We want you to convey your messages clearly, openly and with confidence in front of cameras and microphones. Embrace your statement as an opportunity to turn your company’s information into messages and understand your role as an ambassador for your company. We will practice this with you under real life conditions.


We will prepare you for public statements on fairs, town hall discussions or information events. Wherever necessary, we will organize the appropriate setting where your messages will reach your target groups.


Whenever a critical incident suddenly affects daily business, well-rehearsed routines are essential. Everybody in the company must know their place, role and tasks. We pave the way for effective crisis management, we design and implement crisis handbooks, and we will perform exercises of all the crisis processes with every function and person concerned in case of a crisis. This helps you reduce or avoid the initial chaotic phase in case of unexpected critical events.


Statement – interview – dialogue: These are the usual formats expected by journalists making enquiries to a corporate spokesperson. But how to react if a statement turns into an interview and an interview into a dialogue? We know the rhetorical tools used by journalists and will train you for statement, interview and dialogue situations – so you are at “eye level” with the journalist even in case of critical questions.


Many a piece of confidential and internal information has been revealed to a seemingly friendly caller on the phone. As ever, the telephone is one of the media by which lots of information leave the company. But hanging up is not always the right way of ending an unpleasant phone call. We train you and your office to handle calls properly. We care about protecting confidential information.


ClausCommuniCations regularly operates in these industries:
Automotive | Public administration | Dioceses | Chemical | Energy | Entertainment | Health Care | Municipalities | Ministries | NGOs | Pharmaceuticals | Tourism | Industrial Boards | Residential Construction

Since 2015, ClausCommuniCations GmbH and its team of experienced professionals have been consulting executives, managers and communications staff within global and local companies. We prepare strategies and concepts to deal with potential or real crises or critical events. We support our customers in building effective and efficient communications structures and remain in contact with our clients before, during and after critical incidents.


Operational support for corporate communications
as well as for crisis, event and change management.


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